The website I have submitted is a free MS WORD 2010/13 online tutorial. This site provides students a tutorial to learn MS WORD basics through online guided exercises that are supported through text, pictures and video lessons.

The site has other topics that relate to MS Office products such as EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PUBLISHER and ACCESS along with subject in technology.

The site is updated as it relates to the subjects for example, MS WORD 2013 (last version produced).

The site can be used as a supplement to face to face learning or as a stand alone. Though with my experience in teaching MS OFFICE products. Those that are new to technology or have limited skills may find it difficult to navigate through the lessons and switching back to MS WORD to do the exercises.

Overall, the site is great added resource.


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  1.    keith webster on February 1, 2015 7:46 pm      Reply

    Hi Fabian,

    It looks like a very good tutorial for MS Word, particularly that it is relatively simple in how much it presents at a time. It would be interesting to take a look at a single page from one tutorial and analyze what choices the designer made around how much to explain at once, what to include and exclude in the image etc.

    I find that two-window training for those new to computers is best done with two monitors. I don’t like getting them to swap windows when even that concept is new to them. As well, if they are really struggling, they need the example in their face. Two monitors is very rare in labs though.





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