The EDDL 5141 course gave me a great perspective on my personal learning philosophy. Through the  course I had to really think about how to teach what I know but through online learning. Since I do not have a teaching degree, the theories have been challenging for me, but in a good way. I have been teaching for awhile now and have  learned what techniques and methods I have been using. Also, what techniques and methods I need to work on. The latter will be a works in progress but ideally it will not only help me,  but my students also.

The process of creating a facilitation plan, that was supported through our personal philosophy, and then put into practice gave me  alot to look at. What I took from the assignment was to think about the whole picture and not to focus on what I know. But how to get what i know across to the students online. This was difficult because it not as easy as putting a lesson up and hope the students get it.

One aspect that I hope others take away from my assignment was the technical learning for online learning. If we are going to teach online i think it is important to know the software and hardware that you are using. I do no think that you need to know everything but atleast the basics of what you are using. If you are lucky enough to have technical support, get to know them make them part of your team.

Finally, I have been focused on making my materials for online to be accessible to all students. This will be challenging but will be a great benefit to all. I do believe that students with disabilities will be left behind if they are not thought of first when developing online classes.

Thanks to all in the class I really enjoyed the course and the conference calls that we had.





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