I have used Moodle in the past with other courses but was a supplement and not a full online course. I have also installed and set-up Moodle in the past. So from technical point-of-view, this assignment was not challenging, albeit, I was challenged in not having full access. I do not like the fact that I don’t have full access to software because I can’t make tweaks if need be.
Moodle has a simple interface that is easy to use and explain to others, it is straight forward in course design.
The biggest problem that people or organizations will have with MOODLE is the open-source concept. It is free to use but if you do not have an IT department or someone with expertise to manage it, you will run into problems.
I did encounter one problem with the back and restore and wasn’t completely confident to do a restore. Maybe it was my lack of full control that was the issue.
This was a good exercise for people to see how to use two different sites for the same course material. Moodle is a LMS and has tools that you would need to do produce your course. I used google sites for my other site and needed to find other sources to incorporate the tools that I wanted use with it.




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