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Final Assignment

December 12, 2014 | Leave a Comment

This is my final assignment website “IT Security”.  I created my lesson plans with Blendspace like before. There is an extra slide at the end of the lessons that has my assignments. I created two websites one for this class and the other class that I am in. I create the second on Edmodo ( […]

I travel to remote communities in Northern BC to teach and I just got back. This time around was really a good reflection while doing these courses in EDDL because I really need to find how to bridge the gap of limited to no internet. Some places I travel too have internet but the whole […]

I chose to create my site on Google sites. I have integrated my lesson with Blendspace which uses an interactive platform using multimedia that will be accessed online. THe lessons has videos, text, links, images, PowerPoint presentations and quizzes that can be completed independently. Fabian’s Site lesson.

Assignment 1 Part B – Media Tools: I chose Storify for my student created content, which can be found on my wiki page . Storify uses a combination of blogging and social media so that users can add original content from various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and YouTube to name a few, […]

HTML exercise

November 18, 2014 | 1 Comment

I have been coding for a lot of years now and was great in the beginning when I started to learn HTML. Over the years when WYSIWYGG editors became popular such as, Adobe’s Dreamweaver, it became easier to create better websites and have a lot advanced features. Now there are more advanced web design programs like […]

Open content for books will become the main source of information for education. It cost effective and people can contribute, share and that it can be updated instantly. I have purchased books in University with the hopes to sell back the book, only to find that a new edition will be out next year and […]

Objective: The course you are about to begin will have an online forum and discussion about a controversial topic. As such, it is important that we have guidelines and rules that will need to be followed so that we can create a safe environment for everyone’s participation. As we are all adults and students the […]

The resources that I have provided relate to Universal Design and Learning (UDL) for people with disabilities. I originally focused on students that have special needs and learning, though during my research, I encounter UDL and explored this further. You can find the evaluation on my WIKI site. I have more sites that but these […]


October 22, 2014 | 1 Comment

While I do teach computer courses that are software specific and to adult learners, I do take the time to inform the students about cyber safety. Many of the students do not know about the issues that exists out there. When I ask, “What is cyber safety? The biggest response I get is “anti-virus” or […]

Web-Resource Criteria

October 16, 2014 | 5 Comments

  Criteria Definition Library and Archives Canada Accuracy/Verifiability of the content Reliability of the author(s) Can you cross-reference Is there a bibliography/reference list Can background information be verified Legal DepositoryGoverned by the Library and Archives of Canada Act Authority/Verifiability of site Is the authority a person, institution or organisation The site should be clear of […]

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