Create your WordPress posts in MS Word

WordPress can have learning curve if you not familiar with the dashboard and the settings. If you are new or have been using WordPress, this lesson will teach you to how use Microsoft Word (versions 2007, 2010, 2013) to publish directly to WordPress.
You will learn to set-up, navigate, create and publish from Microsoft Word to WordPress; work with basic text functions, paragraphs, insert images, tables, drawing and charts. First-time and experienced users will benefit from this course.

Upon successful completion of the lesson you will be able to:

1. Set up MS Word to connect to WordPress
2. Learn how to insert and format text, images, tables and charts.
3. Publish MS Word document to WordPress.

Assignment 1

I have posted a video that will guide you to the steps. Watch the video and then do the following questions below:


1. Set up MS word options so that you can post directly to your WordPress Blog

2. Create a test blog with simple text to make sure that everything working

3. Create your blog – add one image, chart, graphic and table then post to your blog.

           a. Blog can be about your experience using MS Word tutorial; fix up a blog you have worked one before; or new blog. Post on EDDL 5141 site/category.

4. There will be a blackboard session for those who would like a step by step or ask questions if you might be having problems with MS Word.

Assignment 2

Chose one of the following questions below

  1. Find one source (can be scholarly literature, website or link to a book) on the importance of technical support for online learners; or the importance of educators of online learning to know the technical aspects of online learning.Post it on your TRU blog with the EDDL 5141 category.
  2. Educators that are teaching online need basic technology literacy skills. Create a table of  five technology skills you have and five technology skills that you want to learn. Post it on your TRU blog with the EDDL 5141 category. I have provide three links to help you with you table. You may use the lists that are provided or add new ones.

Tech Literacy II: Skills for the Online Instructor

The 20 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have. By EdTech Team

20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have. By Laura Turner06/01/05