I work for Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment and Training Association (PGNAETA) as the IT Coordinator and Instructor. I manage all the technology that are used for our programs and teach MS Office courses (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook) and other computer courses as needed.

PGNAETA is an Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training (ASSET) facility that is funded through Service Canada. We help Aboriginal people in our designated catchment to find jobs, provide upgrading, and skills development. PGNAETA responds to the needs of the labour market demands from industry.

We are currently moving to an online/blended model of instruction for our computer courses and some or other programs.

1. Environmental Scan

Modality of learning (face-to-face, blended, distance)
All our training is face-to-face with online resources blended into our instruction. For my         computer courses, I use have students use the internet for research.

Nature of interactions (synchronous, asynchronous or both)
All interactions are synchronous

Your role within the learning context (ie. Instructor, program coordinator, instructional support)
I am the IT coordinator, Instructor and provide all technical support

Hardware and software available and in use


Two main classrooms, each is equipped with:

  • Epson Projector (wireless function available)
  • Dedicated Router Wifi
  • Printer/scanner (black and white only)

Computer classroom

  • 12 Desktop computers
  • Epson Projector (wireless function available)
  • Ethernet connected (Wifi available)
  • Printer/scanner (black and white only)

Mobile Computer Lab

  • 36 laptops
  • 15 Ipads

We provide training to 17 First Nations in our catchment. Our mobile labs provided so that the First
Nations are not faced with a barrier for not having computers or the software.

Video Conferencing

  • two Life-size Icon 600

Interactive Smartboard

  • One Smart-board in the Board room – used from Professional Development and Board meetings


  • MS Office 2010 professional
  • Plato Courseware (online learning program, students use this courseware for Math and English)
  • VLC – free and open source cross-platform multimedia player

Online tools available

  •     ICBC Online Practice knowledge test
  •     The City – Financial Literacy
  •     http://www.themoneybelt.gc.ca/theCity-laZone/eng/login-eng.aspx
  •     Youtube
  •     Khan Academy
  •     Lumosity

Pedagogical or instructional design assistance available

  •     No outside assistance available

Tutorial assistance available for students

  •     In my classes I find students that have strong skills and champion them within the class.

Technical assistance available for students

  •     I provide all technical support

Funding available for hardware, software and services

  • We were provide federal funding to upgrade all equipment this past year. Other years we try to incorporate new equipment into funding proposals.

Professional development resources

  •     We provided professional development when it comes available through funding.

Regulatory and/or policy requirements and/or limits that impact your technology classroom

  •     I am currently writing policy for online learning.

2. Technology-Enhanced Learning Opportunities

Online Model

PGNAETA’s training courses are developed for students that have low literacy and math skills or need to upgrade their education for placements test to enter into apprenticeship programs at the colleges.

PGNAETA’s approaches all training in a face to face classroom, though all instructors use a blended approach and use technology as much as we can to enhance learning.

I have been in my position for just over two years, PGNAETA had applied for funding to have computers courses a core training in all programs. Since then, i have been working towards to developing an online model that will allow us to reach more students with out traveling. This will allow us utilize our limited number of instructors.

As of this week we will be offering an TRU online program. This will be the first time that we will have online course delivered. Though will be adding a blended approach to this. It is too early to give out anymore details.

In addition to online delivery, we have been working to developing online assessments. this will be used for potential students to gage what skills and development they need. This will also be utilized by the 17 first Nations communities to do an skills inventory of their members.

3. Technology-Enhanced Learning Goal

  •  As i discussed early my major goal is to develop an online model for my courses and other programs at my  work. The first step that i took was to learn about online learning which has lead me here. I have been learning the necessary tools and approaches i can use to develop this online learning model.
  • Since I have strong technical background, I realize the short-coming from this and not to make the model to technical that no-one can use.
  • I need to incorporate both synchronous and asynchronous. Which, i will utilize both audio and video-conferencing  into the model.
  • Finally, a Student-centered learning approach.





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