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Video How to set up Window Live Writer to post to your WordPress Blog [youtube][/youtube]   Audio Link to audio Graphics Screen capture assignment examples for your Window Live Writer. You only need three or four pictures and pictures should be appropriate size for your blog and others to see.  

  The EDDL 5141 course gave me a great perspective on my personal learning philosophy. Through the  course I had to really think about how to teach what I know but through online learning. Since I do not have a teaching degree, the theories have been challenging for me, but in a good way. I have been […]

MS Powerpoint Narrating and creating a video in Powerpoint Objective Adding narration to you powerpoint will allow you to upload you powerpoint as a saved video to the web with recorded audio embedded. Powerpoint presentations that have narrations will allow your audience to review the video anytime. Learning Objectives Learn how to add audio directly […]

Your activities were interesting and engaging. I find activities like these to be more useful with adult learners, especially when they do not have too much experience with computers. Assignment 2 Games for adult learners: a frivolous concept? by Alex Moseley Alex’s blog takes the reader through his/her experience using games for higher education. Alex […]