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I chose to create my site on Google sites. I have integrated my lesson with Blendspace which uses an interactive platform using multimedia that will be accessed online. THe lessons has videos, text, links, images, PowerPoint presentations and quizzes that can be completed independently. Fabian’s Site lesson.

Assessment and Evaluation

November 24, 2014 | 1 Comment

A simplified approach to the difference of assessment and evaluation within the context of formative and summative. Formative assessments tend to be checking the progress or monitoring of the student(s) through, but not limited to, a course, unit, or learning objective . While summative assessment serves an end result of the learning process set forth […]

Assignment 1 Part B – Media Tools: I chose Storify for my student created content, which can be found on my wiki page . Storify uses a combination of blogging and social media so that users can add original content from various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and YouTube to name a few, […]

HTML exercise

November 18, 2014 | 1 Comment

I have been coding for a lot of years now and was great in the beginning when I started to learn HTML. Over the years when WYSIWYGG editors became popular such as, Adobe’s Dreamweaver, it became easier to create better websites and have a lot advanced features. Now there are more advanced web design programs like […]

Open content for books will become the main source of information for education. It cost effective and people can contribute, share and that it can be updated instantly. I have purchased books in University with the hopes to sell back the book, only to find that a new edition will be out next year and […]

Objective: The course you are about to begin will have an online forum and discussion about a controversial topic. As such, it is important that we have guidelines and rules that will need to be followed so that we can create a safe environment for everyone’s participation. As we are all adults and students the […]

 “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression” Dr. Haim Ginott My learning theory is based on the student/person and that we come with a set of influences from our environment. I have incorporated Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, which explains how a persons development is made up of the four systems. […]

1. WHAT WERE THE MOST INTERESTING OR IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS FOR THINKING ABOUT LEARNING THEORY IN DISTRIBUTED OR ONLINE TEACHING ENVIRONMENTS? “Rather than tossing out old theories, instructional designers need to incorporate those elements that remain relevant and restructure them…”Marie Sontag (2009). This statement alone summed up what I was thinking while reading the other articles […]