otl301 – Post 5 – Self-Coding Activity/Reflection

After categorizing all previous and current posts as instructed, I went through the categories and here’s an attempt to answer the questions:

  • Did you engage in each of the phases of the critical inquiry process?

Yes – I categorized most in exploration and integration.  Most of the lessons focused on understanding problems and the logic of approaching solutions.

  • Were you able to resolve any problems or dilemmas?

An example is otl 101 Post 5 with regards to student feedback.  To be able to both quantify and qualify the benefits they feel they received and to get descriptive feedback on their learning styles would go a long way preparing future courses.

  • What might you do differently in a future course?

As mentioned above, gather more feedback from students.

  • How might you engage with your students to ensure that they are working through the entire inquiry process?

By going through a similar exercise as this post; to have them categorize each phase of the critical inquiry process may help them understand the importance of each.

  • Do you think that working through this course in an open platform like WordPress helps to encourage reflective learning?

I think the most useful characteristic of WordPress is that it provides a platform for open (if need be, anonymous) communication.  On top of which, the ability to post different media such as audio and videos can also be an improvement over traditional forums.

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