Week 8.1 HTML Task

Checking in with my Classmates

Since we have an open topic this week I thought I’d check in with my classmates and see how they are enjoying the course, and hopefully get some technological tips. Me personally am learning tons and have uncovered and discovered some fantastic tech tools that I have already implemented in some of my lessons. This HTML coding will not be one of them


  1. What would be the single most important Tech tip or Tech tool you could pass on to the class? Either a time saver, network site, or an organizational saver
  2. What is the Tech tool or website you would most likely not recommend? The learning curve is too steep, or the time saving, organizational advantages are not worth the time investment.
  3. For the budding tech entrepreneur, any tech ideas or gadget inventions you wish existed to make your life easier?


I am a big Ray Kurzweil and Kaku fan who constantly explore the possibilities of the future. Kaku is a lot easier to read than Kurzweil, and he explores the general possibilities of the future in layman terms. In his book Physics of the Future Kaku presents a future of Education that primarily revolves around Intelligent Agents. Many of his ideas are based upon Moore’s Law that transistor per square inch doubles every year. On that projection, Kaku estimates by 2100 computers will be as smart as humans (right now they are about as intelligent as insects), and will have the ability to learn and feel emotions. Intelligent Agent Computers (robots?) will be able to adjust the curriculum with input (observation?) they receive from the student. The new wifi teachers will be able to develop the lesson to keep the students in the Zone of Proximal Learning.


Taken from “e-learning Industry

Layout of the Classroom Adaptable: moving walls, desks, wifi networks, workstations, blended classrooms
Virtual Learning – Augmentation 3D Landscape, Virtual tours of geographical locations, learning centers
Flexible Assignments demonstrate “proof of competency” via multiple platforms or media
MOOC Courses Networked Learning courses for motivated High School students-exposed to University courses and professors

Not sure why the author placed Flexible assignments in changes for the future. That one can be done with today’s technology.

Feel free to reply in either “Text or Visual”

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