7.2 Flickr

Having some issues embedding the video into the blog as a slideshow.  The best I can do is link to my Favourite’s Page with all my creative commons photos I wanted to use in my slideshow. https://www.flickr.com/gp/146042360@N02/d26245 I do not get the “Share” logo on my album when it is running in slideshow.  I only […]

Social Bookmarking

Looking over our Professor’s Social Bookmarking Diigo Page I am doing the same thing but a lot less efficiently using my bookmark feature on Firefox.  It’s not transferable from computer to computer and I can’t share the social bookmarking with other students or teachers unless they are borrowing my computer.   But in reality, I don’t […]

Copyrighted Sharing

Pearson Books, which I used to sell, has taken a major leap in the Open Commons Resources website.  It used to be that traditional paper book companies were dabbling in the digital domain, by offering bonus material online to compliment their text books.   Now with a simple search (or advanced search) it’s easy to see […]

The Technological Help Team!!

Part of maneuvering through the  Knowledge Based Society we live in, is being able to assess, rate, and manage the knowledge we need.  We don’t need a floodlight to find what we’re looking for, when a flashlight will do.  It’s all about focus. There is a ton of free information online regarding the use of […]

New RSS Feeds

This was like a magic bullet for me.  I had no idea of RSS feeds.  Now I need a feedreader.  I subscribed to a few, but find the FeedReader.com the best.  But I will probably set up my Evernote app and turn it into an RSS Feed Reader. I added  my 5 RSS feeds to […]