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Looking over our Professor’s Social Bookmarking Diigo Page

I am doing the same thing but a lot less efficiently using my bookmark feature on Firefox.  It’s not transferable from computer to computer and I can’t share the social bookmarking with other students or teachers unless they are borrowing my computer.   But in reality, I don’t like services that add an extra step.  Now on Firefox, I just click on the little star and bookmark the site with a tag, done.  With a social bookmarking site you’d have to open the page and enter the url to search the article before tagging it.

I still think a universal tool like Evernote, can be used in so many different ways (RSS, Social Bookmarking, Notes, Search Engine, word processor) that everything is handy in one place.

In the classroom, an assignment, just like the one we’ve done in EDDL 5101, could be to collect web based resources for a final project.  Students could use the social bookmarking site to save relevant articles they find during their research classes.  All compiled in one place, it would be easier to access it for the future.  Students working in groups could also compile the resources independently.



  • #   Keith on 10.09.16 at 11:29 am     Reply

    Hi Delano,

    I use a bookmarklet (a little embedded tab) on Firefox and Chrome to make my bookmarks on Diigo (used the same thing on Delicious before it started to go wonky). You can find it (called the diigolet at

    I agree that going to another site to make a bookmark is just too much effort. In my initial stages of research I can often find a dozen promising resources in a single Google search.


  • #   mfarooq on 10.10.16 at 2:41 am     Reply

    Hi Delano,

    There are so many great tools of social bookmarking and video streaming but they don’t work in China. It is so frustrating, at times, not to be able to use technologies for students.


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