New RSS Feeds

This was like a magic bullet for me.  I had no idea of RSS feeds.  Now I need a feedreader.  I subscribed to a few, but find the the best.  But I will probably set up my Evernote app and turn it into an RSS Feed Reader.

I added  my 5 RSS feeds to my EDDL 5101 Blog, under the widget option.

Edutopia — Practical Classroom Tips.  Short entries on practical tips and tricks to make a classroom tick.

Life Hacker– The pro said if he had only one RSS feed for the rest of his life it would be this one.  Sort of like a Zen Master meets Steve Jobs type of feed.  Get tips on how to work smarter and save time.

Mindshift — The feed and app is intended for youth with anxiety.  Practical tips for calming the class or an individual

Brain Pickings — the best of the best for anything creative.  Cross-Discipline spanning all my favourite subjects.  Something for everyone.

Writer’s Beat — Writer’s posting stories, talking about writing, giving advice and feedback.  Some day I hope to teach a Creative Writing Class.   This gets them an invitation to the party.


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