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Technological Determinism

After reading the Adam’s argument and Vallance/Towndrow counter-argument, and again Adam’s counter-counter argument, I kept thinking these scholars must really love what they’re doing, or they couldn’t find another subject to be experts in. I think I can speak for most employees/volunteers/teachers/coaches/professionals that we don’t put that much thought into our product usage.  If it […]

Assignment #3 Web Based Activity

Lesson #1 from a Unit on Exploring and Evaluating Unique Ideas (Creative Writing or Writing Unit in High School English) Lesson #1: Preparation — Laying the ground work for finding original ideas. Learning Outcome: Transform ideas and information to create original texts. (from BC’s New Curriculum Creative Writing) Content: Metacognitive Strategies Students will develop personal […]

Week 8.1 HTML Task

Checking in with my Classmates Since we have an open topic this week I thought I’d check in with my classmates and see how they are enjoying the course, and hopefully get some technological tips. Me personally am learning tons and have uncovered and discovered some fantastic tech tools that I have already implemented in […]