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Week 7 Assignment

I didn’t read the “complete either A or B” of the week 7 assignment and ended up doing both.  This is highly unusual for me to go above and beyond the call of duty so I thought I would post my plagiarism assignment (part B) since I thought it was a good one.   Plagiarism- Lesson […]

7.2 Flickr

Having some issues embedding the video into the blog as a slideshow.  The best I can do is link to my Favourite’s Page with all my creative commons photos I wanted to use in my slideshow. https://www.flickr.com/gp/146042360@N02/d26245 I do not get the “Share” logo on my album when it is running in slideshow.  I only […]

7.1 Emerging Tech in the Classroom

For a Middle School or High School English class, the obvious routes would be the content creating technologies.  Implementing Digital Story Telling or Broadcasting in either vodcasts or podcasts would have creative learning with (hopefully) meaningful outcomes since the final product can be shared online.  The projects could be tied into a novel study, or […]

6.1 Cybersafety Policing

I don’t, and I haven’t, worried about cybersafety in any of the school settings, but I am a TOC and haven’t had to design a unit of study, so I will be writing from mostly a theoretical position. In general, SD 67 has all the P.I.E.S. standards in place. P – policy + practice = […]

5.1 TEC-variety and SAMR Evaluation of two assignments

Assignment:  grade 8 Students were assigned an i-pad, and used an app (I’ve emailed the teacher to see what app it was) that displayed a musical/visual storyboard, of maybe 10 pixar quality — fairy talesque pictures in chronological order.  Students were tasked with creating a narrative story, in French, to go along with the pictures. […]

Activity 4.2

Both writers present a clear and thoughtful argument to cMOOC, but there hasn’t been anything Stephen Downes  (David Crosby look alike) argues that I don’t agree with.   Brennan’s arguments for self-efficacy and motivation (namely too high a cognitive load and students get frustrated and quit, or too low a cognitive load and students get bored […]

Activity 4.1

I’m not sure I’ve ever met an educator that self promoted a certain teaching philosophy.  I think the teaching philosophy questions are asked during course and assignment design.  How does the teacher want to deliver the course content and curriculum requirements?   The philosophy emerges in the course design: what to study, what to focus on, […]

Assignment 1A — Annotated Resource List for English Teachers

I have evaluated web based resources for an English Teacher in the Middle School or High School level 7-12. Here are the websites I evaluated: Writing.com:  K-12 writing forum, with free tools, readings, contests Grammarly.com An app for correcting and teaching spelling and grammar https://edsitement.neh.gov/  A high end literature site offering content, activities, media, and […]