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Social Bookmarking

Looking over our Professor’s Social Bookmarking Diigo Page I am doing the same thing but a lot less efficiently using my bookmark feature on Firefox.  It’s not transferable from computer to computer and I can’t share the social bookmarking with other students or teachers unless they are borrowing my computer.   But in reality, I don’t […]

Web-Resource Criteria (used to fact check a fact-checking website)

Web-Content Criteria: The 10 second glance URL:  .gov  (government)  .edu (educational institution)   .mil (military)  .org (non profit)  .com (commercial) or .uk  .br  (country origin) Author:  Author’s name provided or anonymous?  (Search the author) Purpose: Teach/Inform/Persuade  or  Sell Product? Links:  To other relevant information   or  Click Advertisements? The 60 second scan Authority:  Biased or Fair?  […]

Copyrighted Sharing

Pearson Books, which I used to sell, has taken a major leap in the Open Commons Resources website.  It used to be that traditional paper book companies were dabbling in the digital domain, by offering bonus material online to compliment their text books.   Now with a simple search (or advanced search) it’s easy to see […]

DPA and Digital Literacy

Daily Physical Activity (DPA) has become a routine in our district.  For 15-20 minutes a day, students are encouraged to do something active — it can be as simple as a walk around the school ground, or as complex as a classroom designed game — but usually it is another task for the teacher to […]

The Technological Help Team!!

Part of maneuvering through the  Knowledge Based Society we live in, is being able to assess, rate, and manage the knowledge we need.  We don’t need a floodlight to find what we’re looking for, when a flashlight will do.  It’s all about focus. There is a ton of free information online regarding the use of […]

State of Technology in Education

Education is still primarily a cult of personality.  After reading the Canadian Teacher’s Federation survey results in “Connected to Learn: Teachers Experiences with Networked Technologies in the Classroom,” it doesn’t surprise me that the results are as varied as the teachers that took the survey.   Bates then argues for the implementation of technology in education […]

New RSS Feeds

This was like a magic bullet for me.  I had no idea of RSS feeds.  Now I need a feedreader.  I subscribed to a few, but find the FeedReader.com the best.  But I will probably set up my Evernote app and turn it into an RSS Feed Reader. I added  my 5 RSS feeds to […]

Technology Self Assesment

Part 1: Technology Skills Rank your competency level for each of the following technology skills related to teaching and learning with technology. 1 = No experience 5 = Expert An expert is someone who has significant experience (2 or more years) using the defined skills and who could easily teach someone else the defined skill. […]

Delano Ducheck (I used to be famous)

Delano Ducheck —  delano{dot}ducheck{at}gmail{dot}com I hate introductions, formally, informally, written or at a cocktail party.   Kids do it right.  They start playing not even knowing their new friend’s name.  It doesn’t even occur to them to ask, until they absolutely need to, like “Hey, what’s your name?  Your it!!”  then run away to find their […]

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