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September 22, 2017

There is No 1-800-HELPME!

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I’m going to create this post with the idea of it being a living document, a reminder to my self of issue that I have encountered and resources I have found.

My current issues in creating web based content focus mainly around becoming competent with our Learning Management software. I know what content and activities I would like to start with but I find myself constantly searching google for the right procedures. One of my colleagues is currently involved in the same process and we are learning together…..slowly. While he is definitely a valuable resource it feels like the blind leading the slightly less blind. Technical help with the hardware and the platform is readily available through our IT department, but support from the Teaching and Learning aspect is only available part time and at another campus. As I discover resources around Blackboard Learn I will post them here.

Once the logistical issues are solved I am anticipating some challenges in making the content interactive. I believe that in order to be successful I need to create content that goes beyond a straight information dump. I have started to explore an authoring software package called Articulate.

As a bonus for signing up at their website I received access to several online books on best practices in creating online resources and I receive emails with tips and tricks.


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  1.   keith webster — September 23, 2017 @ 6:13 am    Reply

    Hi Brad,

    I agree that interactive content is the way to go in many or most learning objects. I used Articulate quite a bit when I was at UVic and we have a couple of licenses at Royal Roads University where I am now. You could also take a look at H5P, which can be added as a plugin for Moodle or WordPress, but the items built within it can also be added to learning management system pages via an ‘iframe’ tag.

    You can find it at:

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