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January 16, 2018

EDDL 5141 – Introduction

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My name is Brad, and I’m here as part of the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning program. I teach in an applied technology program at a college on Vancouver Island. This is a second career for me, I spent 30 years in the automotive industry as a Controls and Automation specialist before starting to teach.

I recently completed my MEd through SFU, and being a bit of a masochist I had to dive right into something else. Technology has always fascinated me, and I thought it was time I learned more about this Online teaching thing. This is my fourth course in this program, and in the previous courses I created a basic template for a blended version of one of the courses in the program I teach now. Hopefully by the time we finish this course I can make some significant improvements to it.

I’m also taking EDDL 5131, and for that introduction I stretched my abilities to their limit and created a short video that I though I might as well include here.

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