Week 12 – Reflections

The 5141 course gave me the opportunity to realize my teaching philosophy, coupled with my teaching style and best practices can, when successfully designed, all amalgamate together to form an effective online course. In turn, EDDL 5141 gave me a second opportunity to discover and explore a variety of effective facilitation strategies.

As you can see in my Wk5KWLchart  the ‘what I know’ section to ‘what I learned’ section demonstrates my learning that took place in regard to online facilitation and online facilitation models.

I do not believe my philosophy towards online or face-to-face teaching has changed throughout this course however, it did give me a chance to reflect on my beliefs as a teacher and review whether my teaching practices are productive and effective enough for my students to take ownership in their learning and become lifelong learners themselves.

I found the online seminar assignment in the EDDL 5141 very helpful as a window into what it would be like to facilitate an online course. I also really enjoyed participating in all the different topics of seminar put forth by the other participants.  I thought each of their seminars were interesting and very informative.

This is my fifth and final course in this program. When I receive my online teaching and learning certificate I will present it to my principal, who already knows I’m participating in these courses and has signed me up to prepare several PD days based on what I have learned for the staff at my school.

I have learned many new and exciting things on the way to obtaining this certificate. I believe it is a program that you get out what you put in terms of effort and reward.

I would like to thank Michelle and the other participants in this course for making this another enjoyable learning experience.