Sue’s Assignments – Vital Signs

I really enjoyed the games attached to your seminar. I felt that I learned a lot more about vital signs then I ever knew.  I personally enjoy playing games to learn new things and especially ones that challenge me because I find I retain more knowledge that way. My favourite are ones that give my brain a good workout.


I found that the “reward” at the end of the assigned games was interesting to say the least. Some beautiful pictures, however not enough to inspire me to keep playing. What did inspire me to continue playing was the challenge of learning new and interesting terms and facts about the human body as well as challenging myself to see how much faster I could accomplish the tasks.


I found this link on game based learning, it’s a great read:–what-it-is-why-it-works-and-where-its-going.html

She explains how people learn differently though the use of games in and out of the classroom as well as how this is actually and ancient way of gaining knowledge. I myself use plenty of games on the Smartboard with my students whether it be math or science, it helps to motivate and engage my students in a F2F setting but I think it lends itself to online learning environments as well.