In a previous post to my EDDL 5141 blog I posted my manifesto which stemmed from my online teaching philosophy.  I could not just copy and paste my manifesto to my WordPress blog so I had to save it as a JPEG and then add it as media. After working through Fabian’s seminar I was able to upload it straight from MS Word into this blog post.


Here is a link to a source about the importance of technical support in online learning environments. I found it quite informative and it touches on whether this support role should be taken on my the facilitator alone or with a full team of technical support staff.



  1. Glad that it helped you in posting.
    the only thing i would suggest is avoid using a black background with white lettering, it is hard on the eyes when reading.

    Assignment 2 was to get us thinking about tech support. I wanted people to think about the tools they use and if students get into trouble using the tools that you have provided, will look to you for the support. If the tools are provided to you by the school than be familiar with the tech support.

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