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My name is Chris, and I teach middle school (Grade 8). I’m looking forward to exploring educational technology with you this semester.

At our middle school, are paired in teaching partners, and able to deliver the various subjects we have a passion for. I teach Language Arts, Mathematics, Socials, Science, and P.H.E. (Gym). We have a reasonable tech setup for our students, carts of laptops and Ipads to be shared amongst the various classes. I also have a few laptops in my room for students to use. If you want classroom tech on a given day, you learn to book ahead.

I expect this course to be a survey of some useful tech options for use in the classroom, and an introduction to web publishing. My particular interests lie in the area of digital assessment tools and moving towards an entirely paperless classroom. My familiarity with publishing on the web is relatively limited, so I’m looking to expand my capabilities in that arena.

You can email me at eddlchristopher(at)

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