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Blog Post 5

Looking back over the last twelve weeks of EDDL 5151, and reflecting on what I’ve gained from the course, perhaps the most useful piece has been the pedagogical focus of the material. Having taken a few other EDDL courses, I found that having time to examine some of the issues and the theories behind the […]

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EDDL 5151 Presentation

Here is the presentation. I hope you enjoy. C.

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Blog Post 4

An audio reflection on selected readings from Unit 4. Unit 4 Podcast. Readings Bates, T. (2019, January 27). Some reflections on the results of the 2018 national survey of online learning. Online Learning and Distance Education Resources. Canadian Digital Learning Research Association. (2018). Tracking online learning in Canadian universities and colleges.

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Blog Post 3

  Annotated Bibliography Alternate Realities, Simplified: Augmented and virtual reality made easy. (2019). American Libraries, 50(11/12), 60–61. Although a very short piece, I appreciated this article for being directed towards the non-specialist educator, interested in AR and VR application for use in the K-12 classroom. It introduces a purpose-built device, “the Merge Cube” built for 3D object […]

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EDDL 5151 Blog Post 2

As I begin to refine the topic for my major paper in light of the course readings and online discussions, I feel I need to incorporate sections discussing mobile devices and apps, privacy / safety, and the digital divide. I think as we move more and more towards wearable technology and the internet of things, […]

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EDDL 5151 Blog Post 1

As a Grade 8 middle school teacher, in a rapidly expanding suburb of metro Vancouver, in a retrofitted high school in its first year, the themes are growth and change. Inevitably, the demand for near instantaneous adaptability comes rushing through systemic cracks in waves of despair. Yet those threatening waters can be harnessed by nimble […]

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Assignment 3 – Media exemplar collection.

My media collection links. Image Video Audio

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Assignment 3 – Video

  Immersive Reader I got to see a great deal of great educational technology as a Microsoft Educator. As part of the MIEE program, I was able to visit some Microsoft Engineers, and see first hand some of the tools in development. Immersive Reader came to fruition as a passion project of two Vancouver Microsoft […]

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Assignment 3 – Image

For this graphic, I wanted something visually striking, paired with a catchy slogan. Interestingly, though I thought this would be the simplest piece to produce, it ended up taking me the longest time to come up with a final version that I was happy with. The theme I decided to run with was a military […]

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Assignment 3 – Audio

Jabberwocky I always do Jabberwocky during my poetry unit, as an activity to hook students into recitation as a dramatic performance. It’s a good activity to break the ice with regards to anxiety, because it’s a chance to play with nonsensical language in a dramatic way that doesn’t really have a “right” answer. I like […]

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