I use Google Bookmarks, alongside a Chrome extension to manage my trusted / oft-visited sites. It’s useful in Pro-D, as I’m often giving demos on various O365 applications, and I use them as “further study” recommendations to colleagues who want to extend beyond the scope of the session.

In the classroom, I like to curate a list of “places to start” for various assignments. This gives the students a good foundation for project/assignment resources but also allows for their own research. Links are easy to share, and quickly lead to the precise page, document or what have you.

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  1.    rtiwana on October 1st, 2018

    Hello Christopher,

    Now that I have Diigo I like the idea of using it for demos and as a “place to start” for student assignments.In addition,it would be great to share bookmarks for a flip classroom where students come prepared with content for a classroom discussion.

    Keep sharing!


  2.    pfelts on October 2nd, 2018

    Hi Chris,

    Two really good and useful examples of bookmarking given here and much appreciated. Not having much experience with the bookmarking technology it is great to see some concrete examples of how this can be manipulated for different reasons and outcomes.



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