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In an upcoming ADST assignment, students will have an option of creating a short commercial highlighting the features of a product they are designing. The instrumental section of the “freemusicarchive” site seems like a great resource for incorporating music into their commercials. Permissions are largely very open, with the only restrictions for most pieces being attribution, and non-commercial uses.

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  1.    Paul Felts on September 30th, 2018

    Hi Chris,

    This is a great site with fantastic songs/music on it. I listened to a few random ones and was thinking theses are really good. I like this kind of multimedia project in schools and the music component os usually the most difficult to get right. This really opens up some possibilities. I generally have been using apple loops to build my own which is time consuming and not always relevant to the project.

    Thanks for sharing.



  2.    keith webster on October 4th, 2018

    I agree, the amount of freely shareable music available give you lots of options for background music. I worked with an instructor at UVic years ago that Insisted on starting her podcasts with a commercial song. I told her that, as she was using YouTube, there was a good chance that it would have the audio scrubbed – which happened right in the middle of a semester.


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