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Resource Analysis

Analysis of the “Faith Project.” In the Faith Project, produced by the National Film Board of Canada, we have a website devoted to the various forms of media that the project utilizes. There are short films, that feature the major world religions, as well as aboriginal beliefs, through the lens of young Canadian practitioners. There […]

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Finding Resources

I try to incorporate a variety of media into the units and lessons I teach. It’s almost never a problem finding multimedia elements to include; the trick is curating the existing resources. Here are a few links, for those interested. Explore Learning¬†(Interactive Math & Science simulations) Digital Tapestry Creator (A Bayeux tapestry-style visual tool) The […]

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EDDL 5131 Introduction

Grade eight teacher at the largest middle school in BC. Taking a few EDDL courses before I commit. Always looking for new ways to use multimedia in the classroom. Eternal friend of the PC, mortal enemy of the Mac. Looking forward to learning and collaborating alongside you all. C.

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