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Assignment 2

Post-Secondary Safety Plan. Developing a safety plan for an online post-secondary course with discussion forums wherein students engage sensitive topics could indeed be a daunting task. As an instructor approaching this task, I would begin with what has become somewhat of a personal mantra for me; “don’t reinvent the wheel.” In this day and age, […]

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7.1 Emerging Technologies.

After reading the 2013 Horizon Report for K12 and “Emerging Technologies in E-learning,” think about your own practice and some of the tools and trends discussed.  Create a post discussing a way you see the Web used in your class to “bring something new to the table.” By this, I mean: “What can the Web […]

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7.2 Student Assignment w/ embedding.

Student Discussion  Assignment. Using the M.I.T. feed located below as a starting point, find an interesting piece of news related to emerging technology and be prepared to lead a classroom discussion about the potential applications and impact the technology might have.

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Assignment #1 Google Classroom

For my presentation, I chose a tool I’ve used for a few years now, Google Classroom. At our school, all students are issued a school-specific Gmail account upon enrollment, so they have the same account from grades six through eight. Ease of Use Quite easy to use for both teachers and students. If one is already familiar […]

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I teach grade eight. So my cybersecurity positioning is largely focused on that age group. In previous years, we’ve had school-wide presentations by a “white-hatter” organization that was actually very well done. I believe the key element is focusing on relevant technologies. For Grade eight students, that is largely mobile device security and social media. Things […]

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Activity Evaluation (part 2.)

For this activity, the students have already had a chance to work with and gain some familiarity with the program / game Besiege. Essentially they need to design a vehicle/contraption that can successfully accomplish the “Zone 30” task. (Lift a giant sword out of the ground, take to a designated spot) Once the primary goal […]

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Activity Evaluation (part 1.)

For evaluating a previous activity, I chose a “Disease Spread” Gizmo we did in class. I thought it was a very worthwhile activity overall, and it was wonderfully interdisciplinary. Science – Pathogens, Math – Rates, and a great jumping off a point for Social Studies and the Black Death. S tudent – The Gizmo’s are organized […]

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Networked Learning Discussion

Very few would argue that “connection” is unimportant in an educational context. However, one can value the connectedness present in most educational models, without perhaps accepting “connectivism” as the best model to move education forward in current and future technological climates. There are legitimate questions that need to be explored within the assumptions inherent in connectivist pedagogy. […]

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Fitting my Teaching Philosophy within an Online Context

Ideologically, I’m a classic liberal educator. I’m a fan of great books, struggling students, and perhaps a sprinkling of professorial pontification. Alas, this noble educational enterprise went out of vogue centuries ago. So to keep the wolves from the door, I’ve locked away idealism in my cold black heart and moved on to more pragmatic […]

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