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Bookmarking I use Google Bookmarks, alongside a Chrome extension to manage my trusted / oft-visited sites. It’s useful in Pro-D, as I’m often giving demos on various O365 applications, and I use them as “further study” recommendations to colleagues who want to extend beyond the scope of the session. In the classroom, I like to […]

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Web-Resource Criteria

For helping my students evaluate web resources, I wanted to keep the list small, and use easy to remember language. I or They? – (Is it the opinion of one person, such as an opinion piece or personal blog? Or is this linked to an organization or institution? Who? Which one?) While individuals can have good informational […]

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3.1 Reusable Content In an upcoming ADST assignment, students will have an option of creating a short commercial highlighting the features of a product they are designing. The instrumental section of the “freemusicarchive” site seems like a great resource for incorporating music into their commercials. Permissions are largely very open, with the only restrictions for most pieces […]

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2.3 Digital Literacy and Sway.

A recent activity involving digital literacy was the creation of a Microsoft Sway presentation. My grade eight’s had previously been given some time to explore the various tools within the program, to “play” around with themes, images, text integration, organization and the like. The most recent lesson had them reflect on the concept of “heroism” […]

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Ed-tech resources.

I’ve been very fortunate to have a good group of colleagues and friends who are well versed in a number of different tech areas. Having been involved with Microsoft’s Innovative Educator Program for a number of years, I’ve probably found the Microsoft Educators site most useful in regards to mastering the in’s and out’s of […]

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State of Ed-Tech in the middle school classroom.

For me the most interesting graphs in the Media Smarts publication, were on page 49.  In essence, the graphs are examining the importance placed on understanding the online world, and being able to interact with it in a competent, safe way. The difference in the importance given to these abilities dropped drastically, as years of […]

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Week 1 reading – Ed Tech History.

“The critical point is that different media can be used to assist learners to learn in different ways and achieve different outcomes.” A.W. Bates In looking at the Bates chapter, I was drawn to the aforementioned statement. As a middle school teacher, I have found that as different types of media and technology become available for […]

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RSS Feeds

I’ve just started using RSS feeds, and Feedly to manage them. Putting a toe in the RSS ocean to start. I’ve decided I’m going to use it to keep us on current events in the news. I’ve subscribed to a few local news sites, as well as CBC and BBC News. My students all do […]

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Welcome to my EDDL 5101 Blog! My name is Chris, and I teach middle school (Grade 8). I’m looking forward to exploring educational technology with you this semester. At our middle school, are paired in teaching partners, and able to deliver the various subjects we have a passion for. I teach Language Arts, Mathematics, Socials, […]

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