2.3 Digital Literacy and Sway.

A recent activity involving digital literacy was the creation of a Microsoft Sway presentation. My grade eight’s had previously been given some time to explore the various tools within the program, to “play” around with themes, images, text integration, organization and the like. The most recent lesson had them reflect on the concept of “heroism” and present some thoughts on heroic qualities/characteristics with an eye to Terry Fox as a possible “Canadian Hero.”

We had done some foundational work on online research and citation, ensuring quality sources and the like. The primary goal in this activity, however, fell into a few basic categories that can be connected to Mozilla’s Web Literacy tool.

Search – Find good sources of information / images / other media.

Synthesize – Bring the various sources together into a coherent idea / position / statement.

Remix – Utilize the gather materials to construct the message.

Design – Put all of it together in an appealing and accessible Sway.

For me, this was a blend of the critical and design approaches to digital literacy. However I did want to test the waters with some exploration of an ideological component, which is why I wanted the consideration of the heroic as an element in the overall lesson / activity.

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  1.    Paul Felts on September 26th, 2018

    Hi Chris,

    Fantastic project. I haven’t come across Sway before but it looks like an amazing digital tool. I love the ideological component running concurrently with the digital literacy skills you have opened to you students. Giving them time to play first is always a good idea, to share what they have found. BIt like the nest assignment for this course? Are you going to present Sway?

    As a footnote I had a talk with my class about heroes and the difference between someone jumping into a lions cage to save a baby or someone who did the same action to save an ice cream.

    Great post. very inspirational.

    Thanks for sharing.



  2.    aeaston on September 27th, 2018

    Hi Chris,
    I have never come across Microsoft Sway as I usually work in a Mac or a Chrome environment. It looks pretty cool though. I have used a similar online tool; https://piktochart.com/ It’s so nice that there are so many different ways available for users of different types of hardware/software to do/create the same types of things.


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