A Journey in Educational Technology in the Curriculum
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Assignment 1A, Annotated Resource List for Grade 3 Math

I chose to use the provided criteria of:
Grade-level Match

I used the following websites:

Criteria Chart:
View my chart here.

I initially began my research focused on interactive websites that my students can work with first-hand to test and reinforce their math knowledge. My main concern for these websites was that their content was appropriate, had little to no advertising, and that I could set my students up for success using specific and measurable tasks (i.e. that they wouldn’t be overwhelmed or feel a sense of failure if they were faced with too hard of problems). I wanted students to experience the freedom of choosing their own “games” to play with. I preferredĀ Math Playground and Michelle Morely’s blog over Cool Math 4 Kids, because Math Playground and Ms. Morely’s blog both had grade-specific sections. Ms. Morley’s took it one step further by having games linked to Saskatchewan Grade 3 Math curriculum that students could easily access and presented the content in such a way that an educator could even use as an assessment tool. I could have easily adapted the Saskatchewan curriculum to the new BC curriculum and saved the links in a tool such as Diigo.

I enjoyed playing the games on both websites which is why I included coolmath4kids.com. Last year I allowed my students to play on Cool Math Games, however, after revisiting it through our course criteria, I decided that I would no longer use it. There was excessive advertising including videos before games, which took away from student’s learning and I also questioned some of the content of the games. I am glad that I have found better websites.

I chose to research online games because although I play many hands-on math games in class with math manipulatives, I have found that students enjoy online games almost to the point that they forget that they are learning! I believe that having noise controlled headphones for each student would help.

The Math is Fun and the Khan Academy websites provided math lessons that I might project on a white board or have students follow along on their screens with me. They presented more of an A-Z approach to math lessons with introductions, examples, and follow up questions. They could be helpful with presenting a whole unit in math. I would probably lean more towards the Khan academy website for introductions because I really enjoyed the videos used to present concepts in concrete and tangible terms. I loved that there were no advertisements before viewing the videos and also the ability to pause and revisit the presentations. I loved the follow-up questions on Math is Fun.

I loved the website and document for including First Nations Content in a cross-curricular way with math (page 22). There were so many appropriate recommendations that I would definitely include in not only math lessons but other subject areas. I hope that an updated version will be released to complement the new curriculum.

Finally, I would always consult theĀ BC Curriculum before planning a lesson, and the updated website is vital in addressing learning expectations.


1 Yehia { 10.10.16 at 4:37 am }

Hi Andrea,

Thank you for the interesting and valuable information on your post. I agree with you play and interactive games have a great impact on children learning of Mathematics. I liked mathplayground.com, especially the puzzles and the math activities. In the same sense, I see the websites Math is Fun and Khan Academy as a repository for math lessons that I can use in my classroom or I can flip the classroom, especially with Khan Academy so that students can deal with Math concepts before they discuss and apply in class. I had the opportunity to explore Alberta Math curriculum, and now with BC curriculum I would have a better opportunity to explore the Math curriculum of British Columbia.

Thanks again for the valuable information!


2 mfarooq { 10.10.16 at 9:32 am }

Hi Andrea,

I agree with you about use of interactive media in class. It makes teachers’ job lot easy. Student play, interact, change some parameter and learn. Later they can use their experience with the interactive media to predict(apply) their learning.

3 dducheck { 10.18.16 at 9:21 pm }

Hi Andrea,

In your research of math games did you find any online math sites with built in intelligent agents (if the students answered incorrectly the site would adapt the next set of questions)?

I’m always on the lookout for sites that adapt to the level of the students.

4 lkondos { 10.23.16 at 9:25 pm }

Hi Andrea,

I love how much care you take to make sure the students are properly engaged, and focused on the right “stuff.” Your approach is sure to cultivate a love for Math – a scarcity – and something that Math teachers in later grades would surely appreciate. Now that that BC Curriculum includes the First Nations connection, finding any good resource is good as gold. I am glad you found that gold. I have heard wonderful things about the Khan Academy, but last time I checked them out (quite a while ago) they did not have much pertaining to English. I should review them again.

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