A Journey in Educational Technology in the Curriculum
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8.1 HTML Practice


This is a much friendlier version of HTML than I was working with last weekend!

I had to create a blog for an assignment in my Diversity course and I had to figure out using very primitive HTML. We had already embedded hyperlinks in our Word draft and I thought that copying and pasting it would be very simple, however, it pasted without any hyperlinks and I had to manually go in and change every one! Here is a link to the website that I created (with content that my partner Risa Drobot and I collaborated on). I have since removed our names because our professor wanted to keep it as an example for future courses.

I had to learn how to:

  • Center Text
  • Make it Italic
  • Create Bulleted Lists

I had a lot of trouble trying to insert a picture as I couldn’t make the size smaller and it took up the entire page. Unfortunately I had to ditch that idea because the wikidot tips on html weren’t as extensive as this week’s readings, I should have read ahead! I’ve finally figured out how to paste one. Here is the Wiki Dot Logo (the blog website with HTML formatting that I used).
Wiki Dot Logo

Initially I was trying to decide between using a personal wordpress site and the wiki dot site.
Here was the example given in class.

Here is an example of what my thoughts were on the decision, in a table:

WordPress Wiki Dot
Newer Formatting Older, more time consuming formatting
Harder to align to Wiki Dot example given in class Can make it exactly like the example given in class


1 Keith Webster { 11.06.16 at 8:01 pm }

Hi Andrea,

I’m glad the html activities were useful. They don’t necessarily impact your everyday production and communication on the web but they can help to troubleshoot and tweek.

I’ve found that many tools will give you much more design control if can do a little html.


2 Louise { 11.11.16 at 8:58 pm }

Hi Andrea,
Impressive website! You have done an amazing amount of research, and have made sure that all links are available and working. The information you present is, thus, comprehensive. Well done!

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