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Assignment 1A

Assignment 1A: Annotated Resource List

As a mathematics teacher for almost 18 years, finding the appropriate resources to help me in my planning and teaching was quite challenging. In the past, I needed to resort to periodicals, books and occasional teacher workshops. However, with the advancements in technology, there are now a multitude of resources at my disposal and my challenge has been to determine which websites would be my go to’s.

I have chosen 7 content-based math resource websites and will evaluate them based on the following criteria:

  • Grade-level match – content coverage
  • Cost– service fee
  • Quality – complete and ready for use, tasks are engaging
  • Accuracy – presence of errors in computation, concepts
  • Organization – ease of finding what you need

These websites are depositories of educational videos (Khan Academy,Youtube, Ted talks) and activities and lesson plans (Illuminations, GeoGebra, Teachers pay Teachers, Pinterest).

I have chosen the following websites to evaluate:

  1. Khan Academy:
  1. Illuminations:
  1. Youtube:
  1. GeoGebra Tube:
  1. Teachers pay Teachers:
  1. Pinterest:
  1. Ted talks:

Click on the link here to view my evaluation of these websites.

In conclusion, when evaluating websites for mathematics resources I believe the criteria discussed above would be the most useful. All seven websites are suitable for use. However, each website has its unique function for my teaching style. I use Khan Academy and Youtube when I will run a flipped classroom or need students to see a process visually, say, do geometric transformations. Illuminations is useful when students need to do investigation work independently or in groups. I use GeoGebra tube when I am introducing students to math software like GeoGebra. Pinterest and Teachers pay Teachers are excellent websites for visually appealing worksheets and activities for up to middle school. Finally, Ted talks are more inspirational and motivational for our senior school students and faculty.

This assignment was a reflection activity as it allowed me to document criteria that I had previously visualized and conceptualized in my mind. As I use new websites, these criteria will facilitate my search of mathematics resources.

October 8, 2016   2 Comments