Week 7: Digital Storytelling

As I was thinking about this activity my mind instantly went to the storytelling tools my students use every day, Snapchat and Instagram.  At the middle and high school and even upper elementary, I think using these tools as an educational storytelling platform would be an excellent way to engage students.  So I started googling.  I came across a couple of links to ways you can use both platforms in the classroom:

When looking for resources, I also found this great website which gives a list of various digital storytelling tools.  As a teacher, I can definitely see great applications for many of them in my classroom but for me, I’m more excited to use them as a parent.  My daughter is not a huge fan of writing, so finding fun ways to share her ideas and create engaging stories is something I spend a lot of time doing.

For my digital storytelling assignment, I chose to use the online comic creator www.pixton.com.  The story is pretty simple but it could be a used as a starting point for a class discussion in regards to the future of space exploration as part of Science 9.

Scroll to the left to view.


2 thoughts on “Week 7: Digital Storytelling

  1. Hi Abbi,

    The back to school snapchat idea looks great. It is nice to rely on students having their own mobile devices in the classroom. The days of booking a computer lab are just about finished! I like the comic you created using pixton. Was it fairly user friendly? Was it easy to make the graphics? Telling a story is usually much more effective with visuals, either graphics or video.


    • Markku,
      Pixton was really easy to use. All the pictures are preloaded and you just manipulate them. It took me about 45mins to make the comic, it was the first one I ever did, so I think it has a fairly easy learning curve. Definitely a nice storytelling tool.

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