Week 5 and 6 – Audio Activities

I combined the audio activities into one audio file.  I first recorded a script I created using Audacity.  I then downloaded an audio file from freesound.org (here) and clipped it to a shorter length.  I then combined the 2 files by appending the freesound audio file to the end of my scripted audio.  Lastly, I added another piece of scripted text after the freesound audio clip.

This audio clip is an example of something either I may create or have students create as part of the Science 9 Environmental Chemistry Unit, specifically when we debate alternative forms of energy.

4 thoughts on “Week 5 and 6 – Audio Activities

  1. Hi Abbi,

    Great example of combining recorded and found elements to create an educational audio file. If you can put something together like this in a few minutes then you can create quite a few supporting clips that include the ‘sound’ and the explanatory narration.

    I think this one would also be a good candidate for exploring the decibel measurement for sound volume. It’s one thing to consider turbine noise at or close to the source, but you can also measure it at the closest public access, or the closest dwelling. There are lots of sound measurement apps for smartphones so you could even take this on the road as a lab.

  2. Hi Abbi and Keith,

    I like the idea of using a decibel measuring system of some kind. Or you could add some different turbine sounds at different decibels to really allow the students an opportunity to hear sounds at different decibels. When considering alternate ways electricity can be generated, sometimes we forget about sound. This definitely puts me in that way of thinking.


  3. Hi Abbi,

    Great voice! I wish I could have a narrator voice like yours!
    I like how you added the turbine noise into the audio clip – it makes it much more interesting for the students. One technical note – I’m not sure if it is the Theme used for the blog or the html markup but the little media player that played the audio didn’t have a progress bar (I don’t know if this is the correct term) but rather just said “Live Broadcast”. Without this progress bar, I was unable to rewind or go back to an earlier portion of the audio without finishing the track, when finally the “play again” icon appeared. May this is worth looking into since if it was a longer track, the students would probably like to have some functionality to rewind. Cheers!

    • I didn’t even notice that Kito. I played around with it and tried to add one in but I think it needs a specific plugin, which as students we cannot add to our blogs. Definitely something to keep in mind if I was putting it on my own website or blog.

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