Week 13 – Assignment: Media Exemplar Collection

Scroll left and right in the embedded Padlet below to view my Media Exemplar Collection
or go to https://padlet.com/ae2056/5ik0xj2u71tt

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To create the graphic I used layers in Photoshop.  I then saved each layer as a JPG file.  I uploaded the JPG files to http://gifmaker.me/. After setting the animation speed to the desired rate I chose “Create GIF Animation” and then downloaded my GIF.  The one downfall of a GIF is that you can’t pause, fast-forward, or rewind the animation as necessary.  To combat this, I chose to also download the GIF as a video file which allows the user to pause, fast-forward, and rewind the animation.

Graphic as a GIF – HERE
Graphic as a Video – HERE

I decided that I needed a graphic to go along with my audio piece so I created one using Google Drawings.  For the audio, I created a script and then recorded and edited the piece using Audacity.  In order to embed the audio into my Google Sites page, I needed to add a gadget which I found at http://www.dalebasler.com/2014/06/embed-an-html5-audio-player-in-google-sites/.  I really liked this gadget as it allows the user to fast-forward, rewind and pause the audio clip when in Google Chrome or Firefox (not in Safari).  I also decided to add my audio to a screen-capture of an animated version of the image I created.  I animated the image using Google Slides, used Quicktime for screen-capture, and lastly used iMovie to splice and edit everything together.

Audio with Graphic – HERE
Audio with Screen-Capture – HERE

For my video, I used the video I created week 10 as my starting point.  This video took about 5-6 hours total time to create as it is made up live video recording, screen-capture recordings and animated graphics that were either modified from an existing source or created from scratch.  To make the video more interactive with the viewer I decided to embed some reflective questions into the video.  Using the website www.playposit.com I added multiple choice, checkbox, and short answer questions to the video.  I purposely set the video so students cannot fast forward this is to ensure that they cannot just skip ahead to questions without watching the content.  Students are however able to rewind to review content.  The one downfall of this site that when adding in the questions you can’t get the timing perfect as you can only use seconds, not milliseconds.  For the purpose of the activity, however, I don’t feel this is a major drawback.  Overall, this would be a great formative activity to use in my classroom as PlayPosit collects the responses for me to review.

Original Video – HERE
Formative Assessment Verison of Video – HERE

2 thoughts on “Week 13 – Assignment: Media Exemplar Collection

  1. Hi Abbi,

    Excellent exemplars. It is a fact that these videos take quite a bit of time to produce. I definitely have much more respect and appreciation for the people who have made the videos we ‘borrow’ from Google! Another great part of your video is the questioning section. This is a great tool for some quick, formative assessment where you can determine if the students are getting it or not. You have utilized many different software programs and platforms which I am starting to look into and appreciate all your work in this regard. I have learned a lot from you and look forward to using some of these tools in my classroom.


  2. Hi, Abbi. Great job with your Media Exemplar Collection. I really thought that you were thorough with your videos, especially with the recording of your lessons. I thought that the use of Playposit was effective, and it’s something I definitely would consider as a formative assessment for teaching my Grade Sevens. (Please forgive me for answering questions incorrectly!) Well done!


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