Week 10: Activity 3 – Edit Existing Video

For this video, I once again addressed the learning outcome:

“Distinguish between ionic and molecular compounds, and describe the properties of some common examples of each.”

I decided to combine the videos I created in activity 1 with some screencasting to make a more in-depth version of my original video on ionic compounds.

My first step was setting up screen captures.  The first I made used a gif file so there was no animation required on my part. For the remaining 4, I decided to animate them on my own using Google Slides.  For each video, I started with the image and text I wanted the animation to look like at the end.  I then added white boxes over the elements that I did not want showing at the beginning of the animation.  I applied animation actions to each of the boxes so that they disappeared when I clicked my mouse or a keyboard key.

Once I had the animations set up I used Quicktime to make a screen recording of each slide as I clicked through the animations.  I made sure the microphone was turned off when doing the recordings as I already intended to use voice over in iMovie for the sound.  The key here was to make sure I screen recorded when Google Slides was in Present mode, otherwise when I spliced it into iMovie parts of the video were cropped out.  Once the screen capture was complete I used the trim tool in Quicktime to clean up the beginnings and endings.

Now that I had all of my videos ready to go I spliced them together in iMovie and then used the voice over tool to add my script.  I found it best to record small amounts of the script at a time as I made fewer errors that way.

Overall this week, I spent a good amount of time creating this video and there were quite of few lessons learned.  That being said, now that I am getting more familiar with iMovie, as well as getting pretty adept at creating my own animated screen recordings, I can see myself making more of these types of videos in the future to share with my students.


1 thought on “Week 10: Activity 3 – Edit Existing Video

  1. Your animated graphics make a major improvement to the effectiveness of your first video. I think the visual is key to explaining these concepts. I haven’t used Google slides for this sort of screencast animation yet, but I think it would be easier to deal with than PowerPoint. While I’ve done a few screencast videos to animate simple graphics, I tend to create the graphics and then animate within a video or graphics program. This is the method used decades ago but I suspect your method is faster (though with less fine control over the final product).

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