Week 10: Activity 1 – Create a Live-action Video

This week I chose to focus on the topic of Ionic Compounds.  Specifically, I addressed the following outcome from the Alberta Grade 9 Science Program of Studies:

“Distinguish between ionic and molecular compounds, and describe the properties of some common examples of each.”

I was inspired this week by one of my students who created a whiteboard video using an actual whiteboard and a marker – imagine that, no fancy website required.

So I got out my whiteboard and marker, set up my iPhone on a tripod, and got started.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  First off, trying to set up the area of the whiteboard that my phone was videoing provided a challenge.  I kept writing past the frame being recorded.  Once I sorted that out, I needed to actually practice writing neatly.  In today’s computer age I find I write less and less by hand and my handwriting has definitely suffered.  My last, and probably the most time-consuming challenge was dealing with hitting the storage limit on my iPhone.  After each video, I had to upload it to the cloud and then delete it from my phone before starting the next one, 21st-century problems.

Once I had my 5 mini whiteboard videos made I opened iMovie on my computer.  I haven’t used iMovie for over 5 years so the platform has changed a bit.  It took some fiddling around but I created a title slide and added my 5 videos back to back.  Once this was done I muted the volume and customized the video speed to 500% for each clip.  Lastly, I created a voiceover of the information being shared in the whiteboard videos.

In the end, it took about an hour to create this 1 min whiteboard video.  It’s pretty basic, so my plan is to edit and add specific content as well as some graphics to it for activity 3 this week.


1 thought on “Week 10: Activity 1 – Create a Live-action Video

  1. Hi Abbi,
    This is a great example from the genre. What you might notice many similar videos doing is combining a few written words with pre-created pictures cut-out on paper. These can be quickly slid in and out of place as needed.
    You’ve mastered several of the key components of creating and editing a solid video in this example. You wouldn’t go through this much effort for every simple explanatory video, but sometimes you will encounter a topic that needs this sort of treatment.
    I think my phone can hold a fair bit of video but your iPhone must be close to the limit. You’ll find that whatever gear you use most often will be simplest. Digital cameras with a decent sized SD card can record a fair bit of video as well. I use a gorilla pod tripod with a small digital SLR for some fancier work, though my phone still records some of my best audio.

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