2.2—Find Help Resources

I have always been somewhat of a problem solver when it comes to difficulties I encounter with technology.  Google and YouTube are really my best friends when it comes to figuring out why something isn’t working or how to get it to work the way I want it too.  Most of the times I am successful, but there are still times I need to get help from other sources.  I am really lucky in that I have a few coworkers I can rely on in these situations.  Specifically, I work with the most amazing man who, even though he is blind, knows his way around almost any aspect of computer hardware and networking.  I also have a colleague who is a Google Domain administrator and I feel she will be a big help in my new role as an adaptive technology coordinator.

As an educator I am also always interested in new ways technology can be used in my classroom.  To that end, I follow a couple different blogs and websites which allow me to stay on top of EdTech.  In particular, I like to check in with:

I know there is always challenges when it comes to technology and how to use it in an educational setting, but I feel that with my problem-solving skills and assistance from my peers, I will continue to be able to figure out how to best harness ever advancing educational technology.