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Hi everyone.  I am excited to join EDDL 5101.  This will be the second course I take as part of my Masters of Education.  I began teaching in 2001 and through the years I have taught primarily Grade 1 and Grade 9 Math and Science.  Throughout those years I also wore a variety of hats over and above that of classroom teacher.  I have acted as a divisional leader and technology lead and I have also developed and delivered multiple PD sessions within my community.  This school year is a year of big change for me as I have left the classroom, moved to a new school board, and taken on the role of Secondary Numeracy and Adaptive Education Technology coordinator.

I have never been formally trained as a tech person, instead, my love of integrating technology into the curriculum developed as innovative technological resources became available.   Whether it be desktop computers, iPads, interactive whiteboards, cell phones, or Chromebooks, I have always found technology to be a tool to engage students in their learning if it is used in a pedagogically sound manner.  Now that being said, if you ask me anything about the technical sides of technology I’m at a loss.  When you start talking RAM, networking, processor speeds, coding, I’m at a loss.

Over the years I have created various online tools for students, parents, and teachers to access resources.  A couple examples are:

In this course, I would like to continue to learn how to evaluate technological tools to ensure that they are pedagogically sound.  As my role as Adaptive Technology Coordinator, I will be looking for a variety of tech tools to use with students who need interventions to support their learning.  I really want to ensure that the resources I present to teachers and students meet their diverse needs.  This year I will also be responsible for delivering content to teachers across the district.  In order to assist me in this role, I would like to investigate ways to use social media feeds, synchronous communication tools, and resource sharing platforms to deliver information and resources to colleagues.

I look forward to learning with everyone and can’t wait to get started!

Abbi Easton

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  1. Hi Abbi,

    It sounds like you are embarking on an interesting new stage in your teaching.

    I’ve done a fair amount of accommodation work in post-secondary as well as working to ensure online learning we produce doesn’t come with roadblocks right out of the box. Most tools these days are designed with accessibility in mind but without necessarily offering similar user experiences to different students.

    I work in several circles that use Twitter as a way to distribute information widely (if informally). I’m also using Slack for keeping in touch with a couple of communities of practice and several more dedicated working groups.

    Talk to you later,


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