Assignment 3 — Web-based Activity

A colleague and I were talking about how we both had put together portfolios when we were first entering the teaching profession to bring with us on interviews.  We both agreed, that if we were entering the profession today we would instead create a digital portfolio.  I thought this would be a great activity to use in a health or CALM class to give students a leg up when preparing to enter the workforce, apply for scholarships, and/or apply for post-secondary education.  Since I was familiar with the Health 9 curriculum, I chose to create this activity for grade 9 students, but it could be used at a variety of grade levels.  I chose to use Google Sites as a template as it is an easy platform for students to work with and personalize.  Since creating this activity, I have passed it on to my former partner teacher and she plans on using it with her class later this year.

You will need a Google account to access the Google Site I created and to see it the same way students would.  Since I am aware that some may not have a Google account I created the following slide deck with screenshots of what students would see.

To access a published version of the site template go to the following link:

Activity: Online Digital Portfolio
Subject: Grade 9 Health
Objectives: Students will use resources effectively to manage and explore life roles and career opportunities and challenges.
Specific Learner Expectations:

  • L-9.2 relate the value of lifelong learning to personal success and satisfaction
  • L-9.4 refine personal goals and priorities relevant to learning and career paths; e.g., investigate education programs including senior high school programs and those related to potential careers
  • L-9.5 extend and improve a personal portfolio; e.g., include sample application form, personal résumé, answers to typical interview questions
  • L-9.6 develop strategies to deal with transitional experiences; e.g., create a learning plan for transition to senior high school, keeping future career plans in mind
  • L-9.7 analyze the potential impact of volunteerism on career opportunities


  • Students open the following webpage:
  • Students make their own copy of the webpage by: 
  • Following the instructions on the webpage, students complete an individualized digital portfolio.
  • Once students have completed their site they publish their site to make it live.  Students can choose the following publishing settings under the share tab:

Assessment:  Digital Portfolio Rubric –

2 thoughts on “Assignment 3 — Web-based Activity

  1. Hello Abbi,
    I really like the way you have setup the assignment for students to create their personal profile.It shows a great deal of comfort with digital media tools.I use Google Classroom to provide information to Grade 12 students, directing them to universities, scholarships and volunteer work . Maybe, if it is Ok with you I could get students to create a personal profile based on the same lines.
    Thank you for sharing! I am always in awe of your assignments and look forward to reading them.

  2. Hi Renu,
    Thank you! You can definitely use my site as a template for your own students. I firmly believe that the best thing about the field of education is sharing and working together to do what’s best for kids!
    🙂 Abbi

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