Assignment 2 — Ethical and Safety Issues

I chose to do Part B of the assignment this week.  I created the following lesson to share with colleagues at a high school in my district.  The lesson plan in is in the gray box below and the presentation is below that.

Lesson: Plagiarism in the 21st Century – A Teacher’s Resource

-Develop and use pedagogically sound strategies and resources to teach students about plagiarism.
-Introduce online tools available to both students and teachers to help prevent and monitor plagiarism in student work.

Essential Questions:
What is Plagiarism?
Why do students plagiarize?
How do students plagiarize?
How do we deal with plagiarism?

ResourcesPlagiarism In the Digital Age Google Slides Presentation

Instructor Notes:
Slide 2  – Discuss essential questions as a group.
Slide 3  – Discuss graphic
Slide 4  – Have group complete the online plagiarism quiz.  Discuss the results.
Slide 5  – Take a look at the hyperlinked student resource guide.
Slides 6-9  – Go through the 4 Teach Them… methods.
Slide 10  – Discuss best practice.  Go to hyperlinked academic honesty policy.
Slide 11  – Show them the post by the Cult of Pedagogy and the lessons provided.
Slides 12-13  – Go through web-based tools teachers can use to check for plagiarism.

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