Activity 9.1 — Create a Wireframe

I created my wireframe in Google Slides using the Slides add-on Balsamiq Wireframes for Slides (HERE)

The Balsamiq Wireframes add-on made building the wireframe for the website I plan on creating for Assignment 3 very easy.  It was so user-friendly that I chose to create the wireframe for all of the sub-pages I plan on having within my website.  I plan on using a new version of Google Sites for assignment 3 and I’m hoping it will go well as I have only used the old version of Google Sites in the past.

6 thoughts on “Activity 9.1 — Create a Wireframe

  1. Hi Abbi,
    Thanks for the post. I just had a quick tour through balsamiq wire frames and it looks really easy and intuitive. It is great to work on integrated programs that work seamlessly. I noticed on the comments a complaint that it “stole all my drive”. I am presuming this wasn’t your experience, but do these things take up much space on clouds or drives?
    Also, I learnt to upload a google slide for my own wireframe on this activity, so would like to thank you for sharing this approach, as it inspired me to learn how to do the same.

    Thanks for the share,


    • There’s always a risk when you use 3rd party add-ons or extensions that they will have access to your drive contents. Google is pretty good at vetting them and I myself have never had an issue. That being said, I don’t lose to much sleep about it because I don’t keep anything in my Google Drive that I would have an issue with being “stolen”.
      🙂 Abbi

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