Activity 12.2 – Trying AR Tools

I found this great resource when trying to decide which AR/VR tool to try out:

There are a lot of really cool AR/VR tools out there that I can see being used in classrooms in a tonne of different ways.  I chose to try out MeasureKit.  The app is free however it only includes the Ruler tool, to get the rest of the tools you have to upgrade to Pro for $6.99 (it does give you free access to a different pro tool every week to try, this week for me it was angles).

1) Ruler — measure straight lines on any surface, such as a desk or wall.
2) Magnetometer — measure magnetic field force around your device.
3) Trajectory — measure by “drawing” (moving your device) in the real world.
4) Face Mesh — check different attributes and export a 3D model of your face (available on iPhone X).
5) Marker Pin — measure distance from device camera to fixed points in space.
6) Angles — measure corners.
7) Person Height — measure how tall someone is.
8) Cube — visualize how big something is.
9) Level — check if something is horizontal or vertical

Here are a couple of measurements I did using the app:

The app will definitely take a little getting used to in order to get it to line up properly, but overall it was pretty easy to use. In the classroom, I can see students using this from K-12.  Whether it be comparing the size of objects in K-2, using standard units of measurement in 3-4, calculating perimeter and area in 5-6, and then moving on to surface area and volume as they get older.  The angle piece would also be fantastic when teaching trigonometry as students could use real-world dimensions to calculate SOHCAHTOA.  Definitely an AR tool that would add value to any numeracy environment.




“The NEW Periodic Table of IOS Apps for AR and VR.” ICTEvangelist, 13 June 2018,

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  1. Hello Abbi,
    That indeed is a great resource of apps. In my present professional tasks I don’t think I will have a chance of using MeasureKit but I will definitely go through the list to find which of those links can come in handy.

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