7.3 Make a Mind Map of Your Learning Network

Below is the mind map I created using MindMeister:

In my own teaching, I used mind maps a lot when I taught in the elementary classroom.  I found them a great tool to use in writing, science, and social studies.  I also used them in math as a way for students to demonstrate concepts with pictures, numbers, and words.  Now that I am no longer in the classroom, I see myself using mind maps as I work with teachers to plan for the future.  Specifically, with Alberta putting out new curriculum my colleagues and I are using mind maps as one tool to help teachers plan for implementation.

1 thought on “7.3 Make a Mind Map of Your Learning Network

  1. I do like mind map technology but have also found drawing them out on huge bits of paper is a very rewarding activity especially for policy and curriculum pro d’s with adults as you have mentioned. We then transfer these to mind mapping software for sharing and development purposes.

    Thanks for the share.

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