3.4 Check out Social Bookmarking

I am going to start this post by saying that in all honesty, I am not a big fan of social bookmarking sites.  I’ve tried to use sites like Diigo before, but I find I quickly forget about them and go back to my tried and true ways of bookmarking for personal use and for sharing with students.

I am a Google Chrome user which makes bookmarking on multiple devices very easy.  By syncing my Google Chrome account on my 3 different computers, my iPhone and Chromebook, I always have access to sites I have bookmarked for work and home.  I also use the Google Chrome extension TeamSync Bookmarks which I use to share information with family members.

To share websites with students I usually use 2 different methods.  In Google Classroom there used to be a resource section where I would add links to websites I felt were of value.  With the recent update of Google Classroom, I will instead be creating a Bookmark Topic in the Classwork section of the platform and share bookmarked sites there.  The 2nd way that I share bookmarked information is through embedded Google Sheets on websites I have created.  I enjoy using this method when sharing information with colleagues as it is easy to organize and I can very easily add new material from a variety of devices.


2 thoughts on “3.4 Check out Social Bookmarking

  1. Hi Abbi,

    Interesting perspective on social bookmarking. It is good to hear alternatives as I am investigating this technology for the first time. Not sure if you saw my post, but I was indeed impressed with my initial foray into Diigo. As you rightly point out however, technology must be used with purpose, and therefore the user must be comfortable with the technology or it just becomes a barrier to learning. As ever there are always alternatives to any technology, and for someone with my limited experience, it is important to search and read both good and bad reviews and take the whole gambit of responses into account when starting something new.

  2. Hi Abbi,

    I might well have used the Chrome bookmarking system if it had been around when I started. My one caution would have been whether the browser was going to persist. Fifteen years ago we were using Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator (one of which I talked a co-worker out of just today). Chrome has had a long life (and a promising future) due it’s integral part of the Google universe, so the bookmarks system is probably a good bet.

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