1.3—Collect Some RSS Feeds

I have chosen to use Feedly as my RSS Reader.  I have been using it for a while and really like how Google Chrome has the Feedly Notifier Extension (here) which notifies me when I have new content to read.  I use Feedly for school, work and home.  Here are a couple examples of things I follow:

  1. School
    • I follow all of my classmates WordPress Blogs
    • I follow blogs written by professors.
  2. Work
    • My Superintendent’s twitter feed
    • Edmonton Public Schools – Technology Help Youtube Channel
    • Texthelp for Education
    • Edutopia
  3. Home
    • CBC News
    • iheartorganizing.com blog
    • Specific Kijiji searches

By using Feedly and more specifically the Feedly Notifier extension, I find the time I spend surfing online becomes less of a time suck and instead I can quickly access the information I need or I am interested in.


1 thought on “1.3—Collect Some RSS Feeds

  1. Feedly is definitely my online connection for the wider net in ed tech. At RRU we’ve got a large MEd cohort that also uses WordPress and Feedly is how the students are able to track each other’s posts and comments.

    We use ‘OPML’ files to import a curated set of feeds all at once. I haven’t introduced this in EDDL 5101 but it might be worthwhile demonstrating it.

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